Welcome to our blog about life with six alpaca "fiber boys" in the Colorado foothills! We post once a week, usually on the weekend, when life slows down to sweet, slow dance. ~ Gib & Lisa

The Children's Book

When we got our first two alpacas, Chocolate and Jake, I promised my husband that "someday" I would write a children's book to help offset their cost.  

That was in March, 2004, and after some false starts, I'm taking my first step toward really doing that book.

This blog is that first step!  
A newspaper-editor friend of mine suggested I write about our border collie, Rodeo, and "his" alpacas, so if I can amass enough material through this blog, maybe the book will magically write itself! 

I welcome your comments and suggestions about the book or this blog ~ please e-mail me at happypacas@aol.com