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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Stars of the Show

"The boys" (Curious George, Big Ben and Jake) have settled back in after their trip this past Saturday to the Devil's Backbone Event Center, where they were the stars of the show (or at least, in their opinion, they were). Curious George lived up to his name by checking out everyone within nose distance, especially Judy's grandson Jake (nice name!). Not only is Jake a kind child (almost 7!), which attracted George, but he was chewing gum, a new smell for George, who nose-tickled Jake until the boy giggled. Too cute! Where was my camera???

Big Ben seemed a little stressed when we returned from the show, but is a little less skittish when you want to pet him now. Maybe that human contact isn't such a bad thing! Tonight,though, he showed no signs of stress at all. Instead, he was feeling the weather change ~ prancing, dancing and bucking around in the stall next to our horse Lucy. She, being a big Thoroughbred/Quarter Horse mix with little sense of humor, laid her ears flat and bit the wire between them, causing it to "twang." She would have done the same to Ben if he'd been within reach. Ben doesn't know just how lucky he is!

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