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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day (and the "Farm Hands" invade the house)!

Like much of the country, we're under winter's grip, which means a SNOW DAY off from school!!!  I LOVE teaching, but having today off is like landing on the Free Space of your favorite board game!  It really should be called an "Ice Day," though, because the frigid temps are keeping us home, not the smattering of snow.

Due to this shocking cold, we needed to invite the "Farm Hands" into the house last night ~ Rodeo and Hank are just loving living in the basement!  Even with all our efforts to puppy-proof the area, though, the boys found ways to get into trouble:
First, they broke a lamp.

Then, they dumped their food dishes, and "hid" them.

And if that wasn't enough mischief...

Finally, though, they settled in as if they had been house dogs all their lives. 

Let's just hope they don't get TOO comfy, because there are alpacas at the barn who had trouble figuring out where to go this morning without their bosses to keep them in line!

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