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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Her Royal Highness

It's not easy being a Barn Goddess.

You need many Royal Accessories, starting with the lovely seafoam-green mask shown above, if Your Highness happens to be allergic to hay. 

(You also need to be comfortable enough with yourself to post a photo with no makeup, old glasses, and "barn" hair, but that's fodder for another post...or a book...or a reality TV show.)

You, of course, need white gloves.

Notice the lovely grass-green trim?

It is imperative to color-coordinate your Royal Accessories.  
This lime-green spray bottle was a special find! 

 When you aim it just right, you become the Alpha Spitter among your loyal Alpaca Subjects, and you will instantly quell all disputes they may be having.

You MUST have at least one Loyal Dog, who will keep the Alpaca Subjects in their places.

When the Royal Dog isn't busy, he'll guard your other Prized Possessions.

You will also need a second Loyal Dog.

He doesn't have to do anything. He's Loyal Dog the Second.

And you'll need Loyal Dog Treats, because loyalty only goes so far.

That's it.  That's all you need to become a Barn Goddess.  

That, and a barn. Preferably one with good fences.

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