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Monday, January 4, 2010

Birdfeeder Mystery -- Solved!

A few days ago, Gib and I noticed that one of our three backyard birdfeeders ~the one on the lowest branch ~ was completely empty just a day after we'd filled it (the other two were still brimming with seed). The wind had been blowing, but that would not explain why only one feeder was empty. Nor were there any bear tracks in the snow ~ the bears adore the birdseed, feeder and all, but they hadn't visited.

I love mysteries, but could not figure this one out...until this morning. I looked out the window about 5:30, and saw a dark shape standing by the feeder. Although the photo is grainy, you can see that the culprit is bigger than a bird, quieter than the wind, and much more welcome as a backyard guest than a bear.

That doe "grazed" at the feeder for a good half hour, bounding only a few feet away when Gib left for work, and returning within minutes. I guess we're going to have to put that feeder higher, but I almost hate to do so. If we don't, though, our birdseed bill will rival that of the alpaca feed!
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  1. Aren't blogs a fun way to keep up with things. And the guys are soooooooo cute. You should put up pics of their VBS adventures too. Your scarves are just beautiful too. Thanks for sharing.