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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Helicopter Dog

You've probably heard the term "helicopter mom," for those women who hover over their children, and don't allow the little ones to really experience or taste life.  Rodeo, our border collie, aspires to be "helicopter dog" to his alpacas.

Oh, yes ~ those alpacas belong to him, as he'll tell you in no uncertain terms: Only he spends his days and nights in the barn with them.  Only he cares deeply when they spit or growl at one another.  Only he can get them to move from stall to stall.

Well, he's right on the first two counts, but on the third...let's just say that there are days when Rodeo is too busy eating to move those pacas, and they miraculously find their way with a simple verbal command from me to move (but don't tell Rodeo ~ he has a fragile male ego).

And if you really look at these pictures, you can tell that the alpacas just aren't that receptive to all Rodeo's attention. Poor Rodeo ~ all those generations passing down that overwhelming urge to herd, and he ends up with six alpacas that barely notice he's there.  When they do, they chase him (see Chocolate in the photo below).  NOTE: You can click on the photos to enlarge them!

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