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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Feeling a Little Squirrelly?

I've been hoping to get more shots of a backyard visitor, but he hasn't been here since Christmas Day.  No, not Santa, but an adorable Abert's squirrel! 

There were actually two of them, but the all-black guy got spooked by my movements.  

We had put out the water dish, because it had been so dry, hoping that birds and squirrels would use it. I've found turkey poop around it, and we have photos of the squirrels, but nothing has visited the bowl since the snow (no tracks!).


After watching the squirrel stand on the partly iced-over bowl, I tried making things a little easier for the smaller animals by putting a rock in it...

...and you can see the not-such-a-great-idea results at left!   I wonder if they make a teeny, tiny little tank heater...?

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