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Friday, December 31, 2010

Don't Leave Home Without Them!

This photo was taken at 1 p.m., during the "warmest" part of the day.  At feeding time this morning, the needle was on the zero. (That's the barn in the background.)  

So, how do we fare around here when it's THAT cold? The alpacas, wearing their warmest winter coats, have no problem. Nor does woolly-bear Lucy the horse, or Rodeo the furry border collie. Poor Hank was shivering this morning, until I wrapped him in some old fleece sheets that I added to his growing arsenal of blankets (sorry, no picture of how cute he looked cuddled up in those blankets ~ it was too cold to take the camera down this morning!).

I have warm clothing, too, but the best things for me on a day like this are these:
Santa brought these in our stockings!

The deadblow hammer makes ice-breaking a cinch, and the hand warmers are like wrapping your hands around a paper cup of steaming hot chocolate ~ yum!
Stay warm!

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  1. Brrr......have you seen that they carry a BIG giant box of these at Sams?