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Monday, January 2, 2012

Visitors: "Yippee!"

Gib figured it out ~ we now know why the alpacas are so happy when they see new faces walk in the barn door.  Yes, they love company, and yes, they adore the extra attention. But the real reason, Gib mused, is the food ~ lots and lots of it! To get them to start interacting with company (they are a rather shy bunch when it comes to being petted), we give our visitors alpaca feed to offer to the boys.  And the furry ones eat it up. Literally.

On New Year's Eve day, a former co-worker of Gib's, Rick Shorts, came to visit with his wife Stella and daughter Alesha, both of whom had received alpaca scarves from him (woven by me!) for Christmas.  

Alesha quickly learned how to feed two boys at once, no easy task!

Don't you love her hat?  It's alpaca; sure wish I could make one like that!

Rick and Stella also participated, but the animal that demanded much of their attention was the jealous mare who just could not understand why people had not come to see HER; after all, in her world, she is much more interesting than those little furballs!

Thank you to the Shorts for making the trip up the mountain to spoil our critters!  What a great way to celebrate the-day-after-your-25th-wedding-anniversary (congrats)!

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  1. Could not have thought of a better way to spend the day! Thank you for inviting us into your home and your barn. I also think Gib makes a good point about the food...thought that was funny after reading! Can't wait to return!