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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Month of Waiting

Of course this would be the only March in 144 years of record-keeping by Colorado State University that there was no measurable precipitation in the Loveland-Fort Collins area; it's all because I told my students at the beginning of the month to watch for all the precipitation we'd be getting, because March is TYPICALLY one of our wettest months in Colorado. WRONG!

But today, April 3, things started looking up, as the snow came down!  It began as a gentle snow...

...which quickly covered the ground.

It was that odd, pelleted form of snow that falls in Colorado in the spring.

The kind of snow that covers everything with a blanket of white:  That's a baby lilac under the white blanket to the left...

...and this is Jake, sporting the beginnings of his white blanket.

Since the fleece insulates his skin, I guess it feels good after a few unseasonably warm days to literally "chill" out!

Chocolate adores the snow, too, and immediately laid down to cool off his tummy.

Ben, however, was more interested in eating, but didn't want to share, so he pulled a big hunk of hay out from under the lean-to; none of the others was dumb tough enough to stand out in the snow to eat.  Ben's evil plan worked!

Then there was Lucy, who used to love to stand out in the snow and get soaking wet.  As she ages, though...

...she gets smarter.

So what does that say about Rodeo?!!!

As for me, after taking all these photos, I knew just where to go ~ inside, for a cup of hot chocolate!  (You gotta love Spring Break!)

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