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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Were You Gone?

By my calculations, I haven't posted for 152 days.  Did you miss me?  :)

Hank missed me.

But now, I'm back.

No, seriously!  I am!

I PROMISE to post every weekend, if not more often, and you don't break promises you put in writing.  (You can't, you know, because people print them out and save them, just waiting for you to mess up...)

...and they file them under a sleeping cat, 
who they know will not move for a very, very long time.

Why the sudden motivation?  To be honest, our local newspaper put a "call-out" to Loveland bloggers, and I wanted to be a part of that!  

Even if I don't make the cut for the article, though, I'm still promising to blog, because I know so many of you out there have been checking faithfully every day to see if I've posted anything.

Well, maybe some of you have looked occasionally?  

Umm...maybe not. Sorry.

OK, so even my husband (that is not him above, by the way), my sweet husband of over 17 years, didn't notice I hadn't posted in almost five months. 

Even The Pioneer Woman had false starts with her now wildly popular blog, you know.

OK, so like she often does, I made up that last part.  

But I'm SURE she hasn't blogged EVERY day since 2006.

Or maybe she has, but she has nothing better to do.  She stays at home on a ranch, homeschooling four kids, making delicious recipes, writing books, feeding livestock, taking amazing photos, and writing daily.  

See what I mean?  NOTHING better to do!

So, read her posts Monday through Friday, then come back and see me.  Every weekend. I promise.

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