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Sunday, September 23, 2012

There's Gold in Them Thar Bales!

There's gold gold...

...and there's black gold.

From Google Images

And now there's green gold.

The price per bale of hay these days is enough to make a grown man (my husband Gib) cry.

Especially when it goes in like this:

...and comes out like this:

On the plus side, in four to five years, we get this much rich, dark compost from the horse poop (that's a size 8.5 shoe for comparison; big shoe, little pile):

On the minus side, that four or five years of 24/7/365 poop adds up:

But, when the green gold goes in like this:

...it comes out like this:

Well, not exactly.  There are a few steps in between, but you get the idea.

Now, the only problem is convincing people that at today's hay prices, these lovely little skeins of yarn are worth at least $100 a piece.  

Wow, just think what I can charge for a scarf!  

NOTE: Although I've poked fun at current hay prices, this is a serious matter for many people; some have had to give up their animals, and my heart goes out to them.  Other people have simply abandoned their animals, and my heartfelt thanks goes out to the rescuers who have taken in those unfortunate critters.

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