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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fresh (?) Water

We are among those lucky people who get to haul their water from town...and I don't mean in little 20-ounce bottles.  No, we have a 350-gallon tank that requires a heavy-duty, turbo-diesel Dodge Ram pickup to carry it up the hill.

And on the days that Gib backs up that black Dodge to the barn and starts filling the troughs, you can almost see Ben and EB smile, but not because they're thirsty...watch:

Ben stands innocently near by, as we carry buckets of water to the outside trough.

Ben waits for Gib to leave...

...making sure the coast is completely clear.

Then he gets ready, he's set...


Look at that happy paca smile!

It takes a lot of effort and concentration to make a splash this big!

So, then it's time for a hard-earned rest...

...and a little cuddle. Just Ben, and his water trough.

Ben doesn't seem to realize that there are five other "boys" who might be thirsty.

He does, however, know when Gib returns.

Ben stays still, hoping The Man won't notice the water.

Busted?  Ben denies it.

Nope. It wasn't him.

Innocent until proven guilty.

Then, Gib leaves again, and both Ben and EB take note.

Ben shows EB how it's done; first one foot...

...then the other.

Now it's EB's turn.

Ben promises to keep watch.

EB gets a little mixed up; which leg goes in first ~ the back left?

He soon gets the hang of it...

...and plays until he notices The Woman Who Feeds Me is taking photos.

The other alpacas are not amused...

...but they're really thirsty.

George tries to warn the others, but Ralphie doesn't listen (what's new?).


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