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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Requiem for a Tree

For the past decade, the Thermometer Tree has always been there, a silent sentinel beckoning me to enjoy the warmth of a summer day, or warning me to wear a coat against winter's blast.

It has always been there, through rocking winds and monsoon rains.

It has always been there, watching over the wildlife, with birds in its branches and deer at its feet.

It has always been there, even when we weren't, welcoming us back after a four-day wildfire evacuation.

It has always been there, until now.  

It was too close to the house.  

But it was here first. 

Maybe we built the house too close to it...

Either way, the tree had grown tall enough to fall on the house during a wildfire, and it had to go.

old friend.


  1. Sorry to see that you lost this tree. I understand as we had to cut down our beautiful elm last winter. It was cracked and in danger of falling on our house or our neighbor's. So it too had to go, and when the aborist told me I burst out in tears! When they came back the next day to cut it down I cried and cried. (this poor man did not know what to do with me!) I was so sad to see this old, old tree go. On a happier note your other post made me laugh! Thanks! P.S. I will let you know if I come across any really indestructible dog toys!

  2. Hi, Penni!

    How sad to lose a big elm! It feels a little like losing a friend, doesn't it? Even though we literally have hundreds of trees left, I will still miss our Thermometer Tree for a long time.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the post about Ben ~ he's such a rotten-but-hilarious paca! And thanks, too, for any information on sturdy dog toys; the dogs continue to pull apart the other toys bit-by-bit, even under my close supervision. Sigh...