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Sunday, October 21, 2012

"Bad Boy, Ben!"

Two for one!  Today, I'm posting twice ~ not because of any burst of energy, but because I (selfishly) needed to write a rather sad post, and I just couldn't let that one be the only post for the week.  So, the sad one follows this one ~ skip it if you wish, and have a great week!

There's a reason Ben is our biggest alpaca:  He's sneaky.  

Who? ME?

Rather than simply using his bulk to bully the other boys off their hay piles...

...which would cause spitting

...which would alert the dog

...which would alert the humans

...who would come in and yell at him...

Ben has developed a nefarious way to invade his buddies' space.

Watch this!

The creep creeps up on them, slowly inching his hay pile towards theirs, until the piles are joined.  

First, a little push...

Get it up to the wall...

Slowly, slowly, turn it...

Munch and nudge, nudge and munch...

One more nudge...

Target in sight!

Closer, closer...

With a quick flick of his head, Ben convinces his victims that THEY have encroached on HIM, and must move along.


Mission accomplished!

You might not like his results, but you've got to admire his style!

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