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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Black is BACK!

It arrived! The black fleeces we sent to the mill not too long ago came back as silky twists of soft, smooth yarn today!

We sent this (the eyeglasses are shown for a size comparison):

...and got this!

Yes, there is quite a lot of VM (vegetable matter ~ hay pieces, mainly) in the yarn. I guess that when we tumbled the fleeces (see THIS post) to clean them, the tumbling action actually twisted a lot of the VM ~ and dirt ~ into the fiber.

The mill had to wash and clean the fleeces multiple times, and they apologized about the amount of VM they could not get out. Of course, that was after I had already hand-picked quite a bit of VM after tumbling, and before sending it. 

I guess there's just no easy way to skirt the skirting (a fancy term for cleaning a fleece)!

Wouldn't it just be easier to put onesies on the alpacas, like this one on cute little Heidi, our sweet new baby friend?

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