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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Topknots and Toenails: Company's Coming!

We've got company coming today!  Members of the Northern Colorado Weavers Guild will be visiting us during a Barn Tour, and in preparation, we've spiffied up the barn, and the alpacas.

Gib cleaned out the Dark Corner, and built this wonderful new shelf to keep things organized.  Chocolate and EB think it's much nicer than the old dusty, mousy pile of stuff that made up the Dark Corner.

Next, it was the alpacas' turn.  First, we trimmed unruly topknots. 

Here's George, before and after...

Then we tackled toenails.  And I do mean "tackled" ~ our boys do NOT like getting a mani/pedi!  But this is why they need them. These are EB's nails ~ his grow the fastest, and always look the worst at trimming time.
 Gib uses these shears to clip off the long nails...

...and the boys end up looking good!

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