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Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Break

I'm back, after a LONG break!  Literally, I took a break:  I jumped off a two-foot retaining wall at my school at the end of July and broke my ankle. Not too smart, especially from a woman who jumped out of a plane this summer with no resulting injuries! 

So, my patient and long-suffering husband took over barn duties while I recuperated, and now I'm finally able to take care of the boys again!

 "It's about time you came back," says E.B.

Today, we're off to the Harvest Festival at The Gardens at Spring Creek in Fort Collins (try saying that three times without knotting up your tongue).  There will be ALL kinds of fun things for the family, from interesting critters to see, to old-fashioned games (burlap-sack race, anyone?) and a sing-along, to creative workshops (like "Country Chickens in City Gardens").  So what am I anticipating the most? 

 The Cupcake Cruiser!

         I'll post pictures tonight!

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