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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Harvest Festival

I don't know who had more fun today ~ the children who visited our alpacas, or the boys themselves!  They were SO curious about all these "little people" ~ that's Ben (at left) checking out an adorable young lady who won him over!

Chocolate actually ate out of a girl's hand (he's never done that before) and E.B. kept tapping children on the head with his nose.

E.B. (he's the white alpaca next to Ben, both being held by my sweet husband Gib) was also extremely curious about a one-week-old baby swaddled against his momma ~ E.B. perked up his ears, and tried to stick his nose right in the baby's cloth carrier (how rude!).  You could tell he was enchanted by this new smell!

I'm not sure what I'm pointing at, but don't I look serious??!!

I DO know that I had a wonderful time, watching a baby girl's face light up in the cutest smile as she touched a soft alpaca, and listening to another girl giggle with joy as she petted one of the boy's necks. Some children were timid, others were bold, but they were all sweet and kind to the alpacas.  

Thanks to all of you who visited the boys ~ we hope you had a wonderful day!

PS: Our new trailer signs were helpful ~ most of the drivers behind us stayed back a respectful distance, thanks to the little sign Gib thought up!

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