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Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Left Brain Tackles a Right-Brain Job

So when you don't have time to do something, you hire someone else to do it for you (if you can afford it), right? I've always wanted to do that for house cleaning, but could never get past the idea of cleaning up before the house cleaner arrived, so she wouldn't think I was a slob.

My sweet husband Gib has discovered that I haven't had time lately to warp either of my looms to make scarves, so he took it upon himself to volunteer for the job (at least he's affordable)!  Think about it, though...a right-brained, engineering mind tackling the simple-but-tedious job of running little strings of yarn through tiny slots and holes, and making sure most of the ends are even...

...the results are shown in these photos ~ this is the SECOND loom Gib warped. After having trouble making the ends meet with the first attempt, he decided to create a way for "friction" to hold the ends until I could wind them on. 

So, he used our couch blanket to provide that friction.  

I was pleasantly surprised, both by his innovation, and by the fact that Gabby the Cat did not give in to temptation with all those lovely, dangling strings nearby.

The results were pretty good ~ most of the ends wound evenly ~ but Gib is now in the process of inventing a comb-like holder for each end. "All" I have to do is tie a tiny knot in each pair of ends as I thread them.  (Frankly, it sounds like more work to me, but if it makes my sweetie happy...)

At the very least, Gib got me off my duff and weaving (see two scarves washed and ready for fringe trims at right), just like the very thought of hiring a house cleaner gets me to clean the house.  Thank you, dear! 

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